Information for Artists

Durango Open Studios 2010
-September 18-19, 10:00am till 4:00pm-

Save the Dates:
September 7: (9:00am - 3:00pm)  Drop off Artwork at the Durango Arts Center for Open Doors -the Taster Exhibition for Durango Open Studios
September 10: (5:00 till 7:00pm)  Opening Reception for Open Doors at the DAC
September 17:  (4:00 till 7:00)  Artist Reception/Garden Party at The Rochester Hotel... bring a smile and wear your artist's best!
September 18 and 19: (10:00am till 4:00pm) Durango Open Studios!!! 

Tips for your Open Studio...
1. Business Cards:
Print up plenty off business cards!
Cards are picked up by people just passing by, don't bring out all your cards at once. A good strategy it to always have some cards in reserve for people who arrive on the last day.  You may also want to bring some cards to the Durango Arts Center to have available during the Taster Exhibition.
2. Browsers:
Browsers can be used for works on paper or work you don't have any available wall space for. It gives people something to engage in and can contain cheaper and more affordable work.   It can also be nice to include some of your older work.  Share with your audience the steps you have taken to get where you are now.
3. Mailing List:
To keep in touch, have a sheet of paper or a book where people can sign up for your mailing list. The list can be placed close to the door and/or with refreshments so people can sign up before they leave. A simple mailing list can have fields for name, address, email and phone number.
4. Comments Book:
This can be separate from your mailing list and is just a notebook where people can leave comments and feedback regarding your artwork and presentation.
5. Snacks/Drinks:
A radio or inspiring music (keeping the volume down) can often liven up the atmosphere and compliment your work.  Remember, you are sharing your creative process... let us know what you like to hear while you are making your art.
7. Artist Statement and Artist CV
Always display your Artist Statement and Artist CV somewhere visible for people to have a look at. Many visitors want to know more about you and your work, but do not always want to strike up a conversation. It is also easier to start a conversation after people have a little bit more information about your work.
*Have several print-outs of your statement as well, as some customers would like to have a copy when purchasing your work.

8. Door sign:
It can be a good idea to have a well made door-sign with your name/studio number and preferably also an image on your studio door. It makes it easier for people to remember you and your work as they are likely to pass your entrance on many occasions.

9. Maps:  Please print out a few extra copies of the Durango Open Studios Map and have them available at your studio.  This not only helps our event, but displays your involvement in the arts community at large, share in the fun!  If you are in a location outside of downtown, we recommend getting in touch with the other artists in your area to create a small map between your locations.
10. Sketchbooks and Portfolio:
If you have a large desk space or a table you can also display your portfolio and sketchbooks for people to have a look at.  Again, this shows us more of your process!

11. Setting:
Rugs, candles, plants and flowers can be added to the studio to create a cosier atmosphere and will also give potential customers an idea of what your work might look in a home or living area.  On the flip side, when the photographer from The Telegraph came to my recently organized studio last year, he was disappointed by the cleanliness.  If you want to leave your space in exactly the condition it is in when you work, it will be loved and appreciated!  Not everyone knows what it is like to make art.
12. Wrapping:
Have a sufficient supply of bubble-wrap and string for packing and protecting the work. Having unframed work is a nice idea, consider putting this in clear plastic to avoid messy fingers or transport.

Past Information...
Late and Final Registration Deadline May 1, 2010

The Bones
Durango Open Studios is an event where local artists, for one weekend, invite the public into the spaces where they create their art. Educating the public as to the wide range of arts and artists working in our community, we promote local arts with a connected base and growing audience for contemporary and traditional culture. Currently focusing on the visual arts, it is our goal to include all forms of art... visual, music and performing.
This event is open to all artists residing and creating in Durango Colorado. For artists unable to open their personal spaces, we encourage the use of alternative venues for individual and group exhibiting.
Open to all forms of art.
Entry Fee
$100 Early Registration Fee for Studio Artists registered by March 15th.
$125 Registration Fee due by March 31.
$200 Late Registration, May 1, 2010.
Artists may choose to purchase additional space in the D.O.S 2009 book for $75 each page.
* This entry fee goes towards the costs of promotion through internet, newspaper, radio, poster/flyer distribution in the Four Corners area and creative design, printing and distribution of the full-color Catalogue/Guide, posters/flyers and maps for Durango Open Studios.
A full color Catalogue/Guide of participating artists will be created and provided to artists and sponsors for distribution. Please include two (2) 350dpi JPEG images 5.75” high x 4.5” wide of your artwork with your registration.
Exhibition Sales
D.O.S will not take a sales commission on artwork sold during this event.
Preview Show
Artists participating in Durango Open Studios are asked to supply 1-3 pieces of their original artwork to be displayed during the month of September at the Durango Arts Center for a preview show.
Terms of Agreement
Registration for Durango Open Studios 2010 constitutes an agreement on the part of the participant to the conditions set forth. Participating artists agree to open their studio or "alternative venues" for one weekend, September 18-19, 2010 from 10:00-4:00 (unless artist chooses to extend hours). Artists agree to supply images and information pertaining to their work to be printed in the D.O.S. catalogue/guide and used for educational or promotional purposes related to the event. D.O.S. reserves the right to (respectful) final marketing decisions. No artist registered to open his/her studio for this event may withdraw after May 15, 2009. (In case of medical or other specific circumstances request for withdraw may be submitted to committee for approval.)
March 15, 2010: Early Registration ($100 entry fee, Form, 2 JPEG Images, Artist Statement due)
March 31, 2010: Registration deadline ($125 entry fee, Form, 2 JPEG Images, Artist Statement due)
May 1, 2010: Late Registration deadline ($200 entry fee, Form, 2 JPEG Images, Artist Statement due)
August 1, 2010: Catalogue/Guides available to artists and sponsors
Friday, September 17: Durango Open Studios Opening Reception
Saturday, September 18: Durango Open Studios 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday, September 19: Durango Open Studios 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Correlating Events
Several workshops, lectures, and demonstrations will be offered in preparation for and during the Durango Open Studios weekend. If you are interested in offering a demo or lecture, please provide information with your registration. Tips on making your Open Studio strong will be available online and with your D.O.S. Catalogue/guide.
Alternative Venues
If you or someone you know would like to show your artwork in this event, but are unable to open your studio (location where you create) for the D.O.S. weekend, we encourage Alternative Venues... It is the artist’s responsibility to designate the location where his/her artwork will be displayed. If you wish to show in an Alternative Venue, please have the location secured no later than May 1, 2010.
Please contact Durango Open Studios

Durango Open Studios 2010
-Registration Form-
Please Complete the information Below and send, with registration fee, 2 images of your artwork and your Artist Statement to:
Durango Open Studios
c/o Crystal Hartman
65B CR 207
Durango Co. 81301
Artist Name: ______________________________
Medium: _________________________________
Address: _________________________________
Studio Address:_____________________________
Contact Phone: _____________________________
Email: ___________________________________
Website URL: ______________________________
Registration Fee: ____________________________
(Please write the registration fee you are including with your form)
Image Information:
*Images must be your original artwork, saved on a CD at 350dpi, JPEG format, 5.75” high x 4.5”. Images provided in improper format will not be accepted.
  1. Title: _________________Medium:___________________
  2. Title: _________________Medium:___________________
With submission of this registration form, I agree to the Terms of Agreement presented by Durango Open Studios. I am including with this form two images of my original artwork and an artist statement.
Artist Signature and Date:
Registration Fees:
Early Registration Fee: (Due March 15, 2010) $100
Registration Fee: (Due March 31, 2010)$125
Late Registration Fee: (Due May 1, 2010): $200
Additional book pages: $75

Providing drinks and snacks is a good way to make visitors comfortable in your space. Keep it simple, cheese and crackers, fruit and ice tea (or the likes!) Refreshments can be placed in the same area as your business cards, mailing list and comments book.